In-Car Video Mounts

PMT has a long history of producing quality in-car video mounting solutions for many different vehicles and mounting requirements. From dash-mounted forward facing camera mounts that allow for easy adjustments and also position the camera away from airbags, to headliner mounted solutions with integrated wireless mic base stations. We have simple brackets for mounting secondary cameras in the rear passenger area of vehicles as well as remote camera activation switches and CPU mounting hardware. We can build mounting solutions into our consoles as well that allow for a very clean and un-obtrusive install. We offer solutions for most major in-car video equipment providers so contact us today to learn more.

Dash Mounted

Headliner Mounted

dashmount arb-450-300 roof arb-450-300

Wireless Mic Mounts

Ancillary Mounting Options

consolearb 450-300 Arbitrator Trigger and Bracket Hero



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  • Ergonomic, slim, low profile design
  • Aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Multiple mounting options and configurations
  • Vehicle specific and universal mount options
  • Customizable options available to integrate into total mount solution