Keyboard Mounts

PMT offers a variety of solutions for mounting keyboards into your vehicle. First we offer a range of keyboard specific trays that hold your keyboard without needing to permanently attach your keyboard onto a mount due to the spring loaded thumb latch that is built into our keyboard trays. This allows users to remove the keyboard from the tray easily and place it in front of them on their lap or against the steering wheel shall they wish for increased comfort. We also have a universal adapter that can allow fixed mounting of the keyboard as well.The trays can then be attached to a separate keyboard arm mount that will allow independent adjustment of the keyboard from the computer, or a “Dock-Keyboard Clamshell” which positions the external keyboard tight to the computer similar to a laptops footprint that will allow you to fold the screen down on top of the keyboard. The mounts can be installed onto a number of PMT consoles or pedestals. The final solution can then be easily adjusted and positioned for ergonomics and use, with swivel, tilt and fold-down capabilities.

Keyboard Tray

 Screen/Keyboard Cradle

 Universal Keyboard Tray Adapter

 AS7.T004.002 - 250x200

AS7.C100.001 -250x200

Universal keyboard tray 250x200r


Height Adjustable Keyboard Arm

 Dual arm keyboard mount

AS5.I500 MOUNT 250x200

Dual Arm for Keyboard Trays - 250x200



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  • Ergonomic, slim, low profile design
  • Aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Finished in high quality black epoxy powder coat for durability