Mousetrap - Vehicle Mount

Our Mousetrap is a marvel of adjust-ability and ease of use. The basic unit is just 1-1/4" thick and 9" long, so it fits nicely under most laptops, and does not protrude into the operator area. Precision machined from solid aluminum, the unit remains solid and does not rattle or shake when driving down the harshest of roads. When needed the unit can be extended 6" and swiveled left or right. Safety aspects built in include a latching system that will not allow the unit to extend in the event of an accident, yet will allow the unit to automatically retract so that it minimizes the chance of injury. Another great safety feature is the swivel limit adjustment that allows the end user to select their desired amount of swing. This is great for limiting how far users can position their laptops into an air bag zone, or too close to the steering wheel and other operator controls. There is also adjustments for both slide tension, and swivel/swing tension as well. The Mousetrap comes standard with many SightLine consoles, as well as multiple tilt options including low profile wedge block for a constant 10 degree tilt for comfort and increased ergonomics.

Mousetrap Flat with Wedge Tilt - AS5.N101.003 Mousetrap Flat with Wedge Tilt Back - AS5.N101.003




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  • Ergonomic, slim, low profile design
  • Aircraft-grade CNC machined solid aluminum construction
  • Multiple dock mounting tilt options
  • Fits on top of consoles or horizontal surfaces
  • Swivel / swing capability with angle lock-out
  • Built-in latching mechanism will not allow the unit to extend in the event of an emergency and will automatically retract minimizing the chance of injury

mousetrap swing
Width Height Depth Weight
6.0” (15.24 cm) 1.25” (3.17 cm) 9.0”-15" (23-38 cm) 4.2 lbs. (1.90 kg)