utilityThe ability to innovate is now a top priority for utility companies everywhere – and technology plays a vital role. It underpins most business processes, provides new ways of interacting with customers, generates new insights about unmet needs and facilitates the development of new products and services.

Utilities are investing in social media, cloud computing and mobile devices to engage with customers in new ways and gather insights for product development, marketing and customer service.

Market Sectors


PMT Mounting Solution

power Private & Public Organizations:
Power & Hydro, Telco, Cable, Internet Services
municipal Municipal & Local Government:
Water, Sewer, Gas, Waste Management, Electricity
  • Project or business-critical applications
  • Telematics & navigation
  • Records management
  • Mobile dispatch
  • Broadband wireless access
  • Inspections & appraisals
  • Private 2-way communications
  • Automated meter reading
  • Video surveillance solutions
  • Regulatory reporting
constructionSurveying, Construction & Landscaping
  • Code enforcement
  • Mobile office
  • Real-time locating and tracking (GPS)
  • Event or incident management
  • Video recording