Public Safety

Beauty-Shot-ConsoleIn order to support mission-critical applications, many police, fire, EMS, by-law enforcement and marine patrol agencies deploy a wide range of information technologies, emergency lighting and sirens, radio and wireless communications products, peripheral equipment, power management and other automotive accessories in their vehicle fleets.

Work-related practices such as dispatch management and scheduling, records management, video recording, inspection, ticketing, information capture and wireless voice & data communications are driving the need for an in-vehicle mobile workstation and mounting infrastructure that can incorporate these technologies and applications.

PMT mounting products are designed to integrate information technologies, vehicle and peripheral equipment and automotive accessories into a purpose-built in-vehicle mounting system infrastructure.

Whether it’s a vehicle-specific console or compact vehicle dock for rugged notebook, PMT solutions are designed to be installed away from airbags, vehicle HVAC and driver controls - while ensuring occupant safety, device security, ease of use and workforce productivity.

Market Sectors


PMT Mounting Solution

icon police
  • Mobile dispatch and records management
  • Real-time locating and tracking (GPS)
  • Video recording; trace detection
  • Mobile command & control
  • Private radio networks; broadband wireless
  • Information capture and e-ticketing
  • Event or incident management
  • Safety & inspections
  • Navigation and traffic management (GPS)
icon ems
  • Electronic patient /health records management
  • Real-time locating and tracking (GPS)
  • Private radio networks; broadband wireless
  • Vehicle monitoring system
  • Fleet asset management