Mobile Workforce

mobile-workforceEnterprises and corporate workforces are embracing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, attracted by computer and tablet features and capabilities and mobile-specific line-of-business software applications. Mobility improves out-of-office and field productivity, enhances employee communications/collaboration and allows enables the mobile workforce to get closer to customers and partners.

IT budgets are being expanded to incorporate in-vehicle mobile enterprise applications because it makes good business sense. Mobile technologies and peripherals deployed in-vehicle for on-the-move applications can improve customer service, differentiate product and service offerings from the competition and reduce operational costs and expenses.

Market Sector


PMT Mounting Solution

mobileField Sales & Mobile Office
  • Broadband wireless communications
  • Navigation and GPS
  • Case work and territory management
  • Sales force automation
  • Order processing and printing
radarField Services
  • Mobile dispatch
  • Information capture
  • Real-time locating and tracking (GPS)
  • Enhanced visibility to inventory
  • Private 2-way communications
  • Video recording for insurance & claims