Military & Government

militaryMobility is regarded as a vital component of government – especially in Defence and security. The ability to deliver weapon systems or combat units to their objective quickly can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Armed forces around the world have increased their mobility over the years – and have equipped all types of vehicles with in-vehicle mobile mounting products and systems to support computing, communication and information technology requirements.

Mobility has also been defined in terms of three generally-accepted levels: tactical, operational and strategic. By being able to move under fire, move men and materiel to the decisive point and move armed forces to the area of operations, armed forces typically have the advantage over their opposition.

Market Sector


PMT Mounting Solution

defense-securityDefence & Security
  • Collaboration and situational awareness
  • Tactical & field mobility
  • Mobile command & control in LAVs, helicopters, airplanes, marine vessels
municipal Municipal and Local Governments
  • Mobile dispatch for water, gas, electricity & public works vehicles
  • Information capture
  • Asset management
  • Inspection & maintenance
  • Wi-Fi & broadband wireless access
customs Customs, Immigration and Border Control
  • Navigation and real-time locating services
  • Identity management
  • Perimeter security patrols
  • Private radio networks