Panasonic toughbook 54 - News

Precision Mounting Technologies has released for production and ordering its new TrimLine vehicle dock for Panasonic Toughbook 54 semi-rugged laptop, combining an industry-leading compact design with durability and performance. Built to withstand everyday use and demanding environments, the CF-54 vehicle dock/cradle family is a proven, dependable mainstay for in-vehicle docking of laptop mobile computers.

“The small footprint and low profile design of the CF-54 vehicle dock occupies less vehicle cabin space” said Brett Rowland, PMT President and General Manager. “The innovative ‘Flex-Lock’ mechanism also secures the laptop to ensure occupant safety without the use of key lock - and allows for theft prevention with the key lock.”

More information on the TrimLine CF-54 vehicle dock/cradle can be found here


June 1, 2015