Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Management

PMT now has a solution to help fleet departments and agencies defend against new distracted driving laws, regulations, corporate policies, and increase overall safety for all users of the road. The PMT Motion Manager system (patent pending) utilizes environmental sensors to detect when a vehicle is in motion and when it is at rest. 

The system connects to any windows based pc via USB and sends a signal to blank the screen when motion is detected, then re-activates the screen when stationary. Fully configurable and protected via administrator controls and passwords, as well as future friendly for adding additional features. The system does all processing on board so it does not slow down or impede the host pc it is connected to. Available as an integrated tamper-proof solution in PMT docking stations or as a retrofit kit to existing systems with rugged all-aluminum housing.

  • Intelligent, standalone device that collects, processes and transfers results based on customer defined requirements
  • All information management occurs in the device; no need for dedicated processing by mobile computer
  • Settings can be fully configured via a password protected administration interface
  • Compact, robust peripheral with fully integrated electronics that can be attached to or integrated into vehicle consoles, docks, pedestals
  • Adaptable to specific market applications or driving situations, based on sensor technology
  • Easy to program, install and use


Motion Sense Assembly - 250 x 200px



Basic function Detects vehicle motion and blanks screen

Product description

Microcontroller based peripheral with integrated motion sensor; USB cable
System requirements OS: MS Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7 or 8 with USB port
Data logging Admin configurable export to CSV file
Mounting Compact, robust aluminum case with mounting holes
Usage / working environment Unit can be configured based on variety of driving situations; has fast screen refresh
Access to programs while in motion No
Key features

Screen activation options:

  • User interaction: prevents screen from becoming active when stopped temporarily
  • Screen automatically refreshes on stop after set time threshold

Undocked computer:

  • Computer functions are normal
Width Height Depth Weight
2" (5 cm) 1" (2.5 cm) 0.5" (1.3 cm) 0.05 lbs. (24 grams)